Matteo Lobello is a mobile and web developer

Located in Rome, Italy
My works
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Making music social. Vibes lets you share the songs you love with the world. Our goal is to connect people around the world using music. Share the song you are currently listening to without even opening the Vibes app. Everything will be done automatically.

AnyPark is the first social network where you can share parkings. Launch the app, enable GPS and register your car to share your parking with the community in just a few taps: users will see a mark on the map with the relative information, fully respectful of your privacy!

Mapapers is a wallpaper app that lets you theme a map creating beautiful wallpapers that fit perfectly with your smartphone. Just pick a style, search any location you want, and press the save button! As simple as that!
Emoticon Picker

Emoticon Picker is a free and open source app that sends emoticons from your Android phone or Android Wear device directly to your PC wirelessly. First, you open the PC program, then you open the app on the phone; the setup is very simple and automatic.
Umbrella Alert

Umbrella Alert is a simple and elegant open source weather app that notifies you if it's going to rain. You can select where and when the app should check the weather. It's possible to enable WiFi before the app checks if it'll rain. If it's not going to rain, the app won't send any notification.

I developed also other projects that you can find on my Play Store page or on my Github account. Feel free to get a look at them!